Optimizing your location network across markets is absolutely critical in today's competitive economy. In the past, thorough fieldwork and research as new opportunities were presented may have passed as effective location planning. But to succeed today, it's critical to proactively define your optimal long-term target locations, prioritize growth carefully, forecast sales with better accuracy, and respond immediately to opportunities with the right decision support.

The challenge is enormous. Beyond traditional real estate expertise, it takes a very thorough understanding of the growing set of data and technologies being made available these days, sophisticated analytics to turn raw data into conclusions, brand-specific models that are actually calibrated against your own sales history, customized systems to give decision makers exactly what's needed, and the specialized skills to put it all together into new plans, internal processes and courses of action.

When it comes to location planning, most organizations enjoy outstanding real estate leadership for assessing site opportunities in the field, access to brokerages to get information about leasing opportunities, and desktop software to allow analysts to piece together data reports and maps over time. However, this leaves even the most respected organizations with enormous gaps:

We've developed a complete set of products that address these challenges that even the very best real estate leaders face. They provide a brand through one short project the kinds of sophisticated location planning capabilities that even the largest organizations pursue over several years using extensive staff and investments. Yet, the new capabilities are customized to your specific brand, completely unique and confidential to others. They're designed for real estate leaders to significantly improve the location planning capabilities they offer their organizations through new, highly complex, growing worlds of big data, analytics, spatial modeling, mapping technologies, and cloud computing.

If you merely want to be notified of location opportunities and receive research material about them as they're identified, there are plenty of capable service providers out there. If you want to make the leap to being a proactive industry leader in location planning and do so in short time, talk with us.